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Our Name and Logo

Sovereign was created so that when you see it, you are reminded of your strength to blaze your own path, to be empowered, and to lead. We stand by the adjective definition version of Sovereign, to possess supreme and ultimate power.

The Sovereign lion head was chosen as a logo because it has historically served as a symbol of wisdom, courage, and strength. As individuals, we are faced with obstacles and difficulties regularly and if you believe in yourself, you can overcome anything. Whether it’s fitness goals, challenges in parenthood, the workplace, or everyday life, our Lion is a constant reminder that the bravery needed to conquer our goals and forge ahead is always within.

Working Together

Being a small business ourselves, we are steadfast in supporting the small and local businesses initiative. Our pieces are printed exclusively at a local print shop, who embody the same values as our brand.


Shiloh | Atlanta, Georgia

“I love my Sovereign cropped sweatshirt! The material is so soft and warm. Amazing quality, will definitely be buying the other colors!”